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Traditionally overshadowed by the more famous grassland parks of Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda’s savannah parks are unique among safari destinations on the African continent.

Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is Ugandas most visited national park and is often paired with Gorilla trekking in Bwindi and/or Chimp trekking in Kibale Forest. The park is famous for its big cats, including tree-climbing lions and leopards. Game drives in will reveal the parks range of big game including elephants, buffalos, antelopes and warthogs.

Boat safaris take you across the Kazinga Channel that links Lakes Edward and George. Here you’ll find buffalo and elephant coming down to the shore, pelicans rafting together in the sunshine, and plenty of hippos.

There are over 600 species of recorded birds in QENP, and you can even pair a game drive or boat safari with chimp trekking in the mystical forests of Kyambura Gorge.

QENP is often visited before or after gorilla trekking in Bwindi or chimp trekking in Kibale Forest. It's a 2-3 hour drive from each of these destinations. Typically, you will typically arrive at QENP in the mid to late afternoon. The first day is spent relaxing around the lodge - Elephant Plains Lodge in the northeast escarpment is a popular choice - as you prepare for an early morning start for safari the following day.

A typical 3 day safari at QENP


Day 1

Early breakfast

After an early breakfast, enjoy a game drive with a difference. Join a lion tracking excursion and become a researcher for the morning as you learn to use telemetry to find the different lion prides who roam the savannah of QENP. There is no better way to find and photograph lions in all of Uganda. During the drive, the guides and researchers will discuss human-animal conflict in communities around the park, veterinary issues within the park, and lion family dynamics as part of a very in-depth game drive In the afternoon, take to the water for a scenic boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a 33 kilometre long natural and pre-historic canal that joins Lakes Edward and Lake George. Formed by tectonic activity millions of years ago during the formation of the rift valleys, the canal, 2-3 kilometres at its widest, is now the most dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park. You are almost always guaranteed excellent wildlife sightings including large schools of hippos, Nile crocodiles, wallowing buffaloes on its reedy banks, elephants, multitudes of birds including many endemics as well as numerous other plains game that come to drink at its water’s edge all day long.

Day 2

Time : 1:19 pm

Rwenzori Mountains

Out again for a morning game drive. After lunch, you will depart the northern part of QENP and drive to the southern section of in search of the tree climbing lions. It is a beautiful route with the Rwenzori Mountains on your right side and the green valley on the left. Game drive through the afternoon until arriving at your lodge in time for sundowners.

Day 3

Time : 1:19 pm

Game drive

Morning and afternoon game drive in Ishasha in search of the tree climbing lions. Visitor numbers are much lower in this section of the park than in the north, which makes the game drives that bit more memorable. In the afternoon visit the nearby Agatha's community project to learn real stories of how the community in Ishasha is devising ways to pull themselves out of poverty, guests will participate in preparing a meal of millet Pap/porridge from scratch.
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