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Why visit Kibale Forest?

The chimpanzees have made Kibale one of Uganda’s most famous wildlife destinations. You can join a small group and follow a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger into the forest on the trail of the chimpanzees, beginning to understand their environment as you walk. When contact is made, you stand quietly, slightly unbelieving, and have up to one hour to observe our closest relatives in the animal kingdom from a distance of just a few metres.

The main reason to visit Kibale Forest is expressed by the urge to pull on your boots and walk. The desire to enter an alien world of monumental, epiphyte-covered, trees, tangled undergrowth and sun dazzled glades teeming with life stimulating your senses and magnifying each sound. Sure, it is hot, the nettles are king-size and you don’t want to mess with the ants, but every step taken is a discovery and every sighting a delight.

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Day 1

Time : 12:19 pm

Safari in Kibale Forest

The first day is typically a travel day. Depending on where you are coming from, you will either drive through beautiful, changing landscapes towards Kibale Forest, or if you are coming from Entebbe, you will catch an internal flight to Kasese airstrip before beginning the drive. After stopping for lunch at a local restaurant, time permitting you will explore the crater lakes and continue on to the park.

Day 2

Time : 12:19 pm

Pre-tracking briefing,

After an early breakfast, make your way to the nearby park HQ for the pre-tracking briefing, after which you will walk or drive to the trailhead for the start of an unforgettable adventure – hiking in the footsteps of the habituated family of chimpanzees. En-route, your guide will share stories and facts about the forest and its other inhabitants including other species of primates and birds and other big mammals. Once contact is made, you will spend an unforgettable one hour with them as they go about their daily life - feeding, playing, grooming, taking care of their young, howling and screeching, in their natural habitat. Return back to the lodge for lunch then in the afternoon enjoy a guided nature walk through the Bigodi wetland. Bigodi Swamp Walk is an initiative of the local community and is known for its rich diversity of birds and primates. The path and board walk maybe flooded and muddy after heavy rainfall and gumboots are recommended. The walk is about 4km in length taking 3-4 hours at birding pace with local community guides. All proceeds from eco- tourism go back to into the community, a conservation project well worth supporting.

Day 3

Time : 12:19 pm

Visiting local community

Spend the day exploring the pock-marked landscape of the crater lakes region, spend the afternoon at leisure or visiting a local community. You can decide during your trip and your guide will make the necessary arrangements. As your time in Kibale draws to a close, continue your onward journey in this incredible country.
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